Hello, babes! Here are some of my detailed looks I took over the last month. Here you can find some links to the looks/things in the pictures:
One collaboration was with @fittea.de and I really love this tea! I drink it everyday and yes it's super yummy. (www.fittea.eu)
Another collab was with @funktionschnitt (the white t-shirt in the second picture) They make basic shirts with super soft and sustainable materials. I am always looking for nice basic tees in black and white but I barely found some that I really like. So, when they wrote me I was super happy to try them and I think the basic shirts are really nice and they will last longer than any H&M shirt for sure! (www.funktionschnitt.de)
The beautiful dress in the third picture is from @misspap (http://www.misspap.co.uk/)
My non-permanent tattoos are from http://transfer-druck.de/
The chia seeds in the bowl and the detox pills are from http://www.dr-kappl.de/. I never wanted to try detox things because I cannot stop eating for more than one day, but when I saw these pills I found out that you eat them with the food and then I wanted to try them! I just started eating them a few days ago, so I cannot say that much about it but they smell bad (haha), taste like nothing and hopefully are really good for my body and immune system!

So byebye July and hello August - hope you'll have a great start in the month. xx
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