In this picture I used vscocam filter A5 (+12), exposure -1, fade +2

 Hello, babes! Since so many people ask me how I edit my photos on instagram (and which filter/app I use) I decided to show it to you in detail on some examples. As you can see I always use vscocam and most of the time I use Filter A5 (You can buy it in the app it's in "THE AESTHETIC SERIES" for a few euros - for me it was definitely worth it). On the pictures here you can see the original one taken with my Iphone 6S and how I edited it. I know it's nothing really "new" or special but since so many people asked I thought maybe you would like to see it in detail. For me, one of the most important things while taking photos (for instagram) is a really good lighting. I usually only take pictures in daylight, with a white background (when possible) to gain a clean overall picture. My favorite colors in photos are black, white, grey, nude and denim. Sometimes it takes me a lot (really a lot) pictures until I have one I like and sometimes I just post snapshots I took randomly. So, I think you can't make a instruction to take good IG photos - just try to find your own style and post what you like! xx

 Here I used vscocam filter A5 (+12), skin color -1,contrast +1, exposure +1

In this photo I used in vscocam a bit of Filter C1 then saved it and used Filter A5 on top

Here I also used vscocam Filter A5 (+12), skin color +3, sharpening +1,contrast +1,exposure +1

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